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Darling I'm a Nightmare, Dressed Like a Daydream

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Over the course of university I developed a strong passion for location scouting and planning, Including the organisation of the production itself.

This is in fact how I started my collaboration with the Bliss family. Part of being a photographer is finding confidence in your own work, contacting people and asking questions. Which is something I found particularly difficult at the start of my photographic career. Upon emailing Lisa Lipscomb at the start of my connection with the Bliss family, she did in fact request that we spoke on the phone. In particular I found it quite challenging to communicate my practice and ideas initially as my work was very visually stimulated. For this particular discussion I did in fact have notes prepared, so I would be able to discuss and communicate my ideas effectively to Lisa.

My relationship with the bliss family came from an email simply asking about a possible use of location at Bliss Blakeney for a fashion shoot I had in mind for a university project. Specifically I was interested in the choice of interior design, colours and styling similar to the imagery I had in mind for this project. Upon arriving at Bliss Blakeney I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the Broch family home and was excited for the shoot to get underway with the team I had brought along. As a photographer it’s quite important to work with a strong team of people who understand your ideas and the intended creative communication, This is something my Make-Up Artist- Lydia Llewelyn had to prepare and create similar to the styling involved. For this particular shoot I chose to style the imagery myself from the visual ideas I had created from initial research and planning. While I collaborated on set with Moving Image Creator- Naomi Cowen and First Assistant- Jaime- Lea Taylor.

While on set for this shoot I also had the pleasure of meeting Nicola Rose (Creative Director at Red Magazine) and also Liam Duke (Portrait Photographer).

I'm super excited to share work from this shoot! If I could give any advice to anyone reading this wondering how I got to this position, Ask questions. You don't get anywhere without asking!

Han x

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