• Hannah Nicole Drew

Postgraduate Degree Within Covid-19

Coming to an end of 2020 and my postgraduate...

Throughout the duration of my postgraduate masters degree, I can't say I was able to predict I would see 90% of the course throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and for my work to have developed and followed a pathway in the way in which it has. However I couldn't have wished for a better outcome really!

Something I most definitely was not able to predict was the achievement of a merit as my overall grade. Which is quite possibly my biggest achievement to date.

While the pandemic arose several challenges over the course of my studies it also allowed me to follow a more alternative route within my portraiture practice. Endeavouring into ideas of remote working and working specifically with FaceTime photography.

Overall this has been an experience to learn from and enabled me to have an expanded viewpoint towards my practice and sustain an alternative method of working during this time.

While in addition to the research and practice I was able to achieve over this duration I continued to work for the Ambulance Service as a 999 Emergency Call Handler which gave me a good balance and awareness of the pandemic among my practice.

With my main ambition being to follow a creative pathway currently I'm lucky enough to have a sustainable alternative employment with development pathways I am able to follow, hoping to begin training as an Apprentice Emergency Medical Technician as of spring 2021.

I have however developed a huge amount of confidence from the results of the masters degree that I have received particularly in relation to my written work as this is always something I have struggled a little with. Including having created a body of work that I am proud of to share within my portfolio.

Here's to a year of new opportunities!

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