Throughout the duration of the Covid-19 global pandemic, I have participated in a collective networking project. Combining a series of portraits taken using the method of FaceTime photography. This method of improvisation utilises technology to video call models in order to photograph remotely via the model’s live webcam. The project has since developed to reach creatives from the united kingdom to as far as the united states. 

Focusing on post modernist theory 'the looped gaze', usually used within self portraiture. This method would be completely refusing the audience and not looking at the camera but looking at herself. However still alone and ambiguous  within the environment of the model, leaving the viewer to curate their own narrative.  Portraying the experience and thoughts people have with themselves when they are alone’. Coherent and relatable with the current working circumstances and isolation of the current Covid-19 pandemic.Particularly resonating a connection during isolation and experiences of loneliness. 

Hannah Nicole Drew, #WFH series of FaceTime portraits, 2020